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New blog: inspiration for your kitchen design

Modern kitchens: Current trends for your kitchen.

What are modern kitchens like? Today it is no longer just a question of aesthetics, now modern kitchens are also measured according to the technology that accompanies them. It is a set of factors that make our kitchen not only modern and current, but also functional and comfortable depending on the use we want to give it.

Every good kitchen designer starts with an important question for the client: How do they cook? And it is that we can have a modern and fully equipped kitchen, but if we do not focus on our way of cooking and the real life that we do in the kitchen, in the end it will be a wrong decision.

There is no single way to describe modern kitchens, so this article will deal with the main trends that have stood out in recent years, highlighting the pros and cons of each one of them to try to clarify which could be the ideal kitchen for each one.

Modern kitchens with island.

Island kitchens are a clear trend that defines modern kitchens par excellence. It is very common to want an island, since it is a very aesthetic solution and also practical when it comes to working. However, we must be clear that it is not a solution that can be easily adapted to any kitchen.

To begin with, we need to have a fairly large kitchen, since we need a minimum step size so as not to be overwhelming when we move from one side of the kitchen to the other. In addition, we need a certain dimension for it to be a functional and comfortable surface, so it would only be recommended in kitchens with a certain size.

However, there are other types of solutions that are similar to this aesthetic if we do not have enough space. An example of this are the so-called peninsulas; a work surface similar to the island but with one of the sides attached either to the wall or to the side of our worktop. This solution will take up less space and will be able to replace the utility that we were going to give to the island.

Modern and functional kitchens.

Many times we focus on making our kitchen modern and visually pleasing and neglect the functional part of the design, or vice versa. At Creativ Cocinas we will show you the infinite number of combinations between these two characteristics. In kitchens, the balance between modernity and functionality is the key to success and customer satisfaction.

Modern kitchens are often confused with uncomfortable and impractical kitchens, however, this is not the case if our professionals advise you.

The first step to take is to clarify at a practical level what we expect from the kitchen: what use do we want to make of it, what things would we like to change about our current kitchen and what things should we keep. Once we are clear about these points, the kitchen begins to tell us many things that will condition it when making a design. This will be the time to value current tastes and trends to achieve a good balance.

Modern or rustic kitchens?

When it comes time to renovate a kitchen, many customers hesitate between modern and rustic kitchens. On the one hand, they are looking for a current kitchen that follows the trends of the moment, but there is always that great fear that this trend will soon go out of style and in a few years it will cease to be a modern kitchen and become outdated. A bespoke kitchen is not an everyday purchase and requires a significant investment for the home, so it’s easy to fear making a mistake in this regard.

Although it is true that the rustic style has been around for many years, it has also evolved to become a current type of cuisine.

There are several aspects that can help us get out of doubt if we find ourselves in a situation of total indecision between a rustic or modern kitchen, it is the designers’ job to advise us on each of them.

Modern kitchens for families.

On many occasions, when we meet clients with large families or small children who request a modern kitchen, there are many things that must be taken into account. First of all, the safety of the little ones. There may be very aesthetically attractive countertop forms, but we must not forget to warn parents about the use they can give them and the risks that may exist for their little ones.

In addition, we must always take into account the comfort of families, their special needs and everything that can make their time in the kitchen more comfortable. Increasingly, cooking is a family moment, and the kitchen is a meeting place, so we must try to make it as welcoming and comfortable as possible.

In conclusion, modern kitchens are by no means incompatible with family life, but we must take into account what our priorities are before closing ourselves off on a specific aesthetic idea.

Modern and small kitchens.

Many of our customers wonder if they can really make their small kitchen a modern kitchen full of possibilities, and our answer is always yes. Advances in the sector have meant that we have plenty of ways to make the most of the space in our kitchens, taking into account the individual needs of each client, and this always goes hand in hand with great design.

For this reason, especially if your kitchen is small, you should consider the option of making it totally personalized and tailored, so that modernity and style stand out and this becomes your favorite space in your home. You will no longer feel small, but unique and full of possibilities, this is how we see it in Creativ Kitchens.

Use of space in a modern kitchen.

Many times we associate the use of space in a kitchen with a small space. This clearly has a direct relationship, but the use of space in the kitchen is not only necessary in small kitchens, it is also necessary in large modern kitchens. Many times in large kitchens, the use of space is not taken into account and aesthetics are prioritized, assuming that we have enough space to store our food and kitchen utensils, but it is important to plan these aspects since, if not, we can find immense spaces totally wasted and a chaotic and impractical storage.

For this reason, a modern kitchen must take into account the use of space and take advantage of the latest trends and available technology to fulfill this function.

These are some of the aspects that we believe should be highlighted when considering a modern kitchen for our home.

From Creativ Kitchens, we hope that it has been useful to you and that you have been able to inspire yourselves and get some ideas for your future kitchen project.