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Who we are?

Creativ Cocinas is a small, familiar and close company. Our mission is to make the kitchen the heart of your home, a place full of life where you can relax and enjoy.
We make your kitchen to measure, from the initial phase to the final finish. Our goal is to offer the best quality to our clients, always adapting to their needs and eliminating their concerns.
The value for money and attention to detail are two of our maxims. This is why the “Made in Germany” brand seal and German quality are taken very seriously at Creativ Kitchens.
We know that the products of tomorrow are not only current, but also sustainable, safe and durable.

Our team

Our team is made up of professionals specialized in two key areas in the process of renovating your kitchen: designers and fitters. In this way, at Creativ Cocinas we make sure to accompany you on the way from the initial design phase to obtaining the final result.
At the earliest stage, our designers will advise you on the process of choosing your custom kitchen and will adapt both to your needs and your tastes with a totally personalized treatment.
Once the design phase of your kitchen is finished, it will be our own assemblers who will come to your home to carry out the total assembly. When the process is finished, your kitchen will be totally ready to enjoy it.
In addition, we offer after-sales service and a full five-year warranty on the furniture, including handling and labor.
For Creativ Cocinas, the trust that our clients place in us is fundamental, therefore, we make sure that they are satisfied, leaving nothing to chance.

Our values

QUALITY ... because perfection is our engine.

Calidad creativ cocinas
Diseño Creativ Cocinas

DESIGN .... the fun of space.

INNOVATION ... adapted functionality .

Innvación creativ cocinas

SERVICE ... so you don't worry about a thing.

Servicio Creativ Cocinas
Creativ Cocinas y el Medio Ambiente

ENVIRONMENT ... because we are responsible.

Seals that guarantee our quality

Where to find us

Locate our service point closest to your home.

Contact us

If you prefer, write to us and we will contact you as soon as possible.